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Psychology Onions is an off-putting newsletter about my obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is bullshit and so can you is a newsletter about... I dunno, A.I. and the S&P 500 and the marginal benefit of legs and also some tastefully done 2024 presidential election erotica. 🇺🇸 - good ol' american smut - 😏

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Stick around and explore the Now this is that’s what I call music and so can you! music mix (and other music-adjacent content) in my award-winning music series: This is music and so can you. I update This is music and so can you every few weeks (barring bank holidays, both foreign and domestic) and it ABSOLUTELY. FUCKING. SLAPS.


volume three, may 30, 2023
This is Music and so can you
Can I play you a different ending?

phantom paralegals - great name for a band with a kind of erotic folk, ethereal-like sound. Like with a blend of bon iver's torque but ethel cain's gall. Like electric president, but with a bit more of an edge

volume two, may 22, 2023
This is Music and so can you
A human does not have the horsepower necessary to shred wood or even a moderate amount of leaves

5 minutes and 52 seconds into the song Donnie Darko, Let’s Eat Grandma gives me an O my wife only dreams she could give me

There’s a subtle Jewishness to Matisyahu's earlier work that is both poignant and daunting

I think Julien Baker has the best singing face, no question

volume one, may 7, 2023
This is Music and so can you
Clotted cream needs two days

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