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A clump of newsletters and creative content that will give you GERD. A little pop culture. A smattering of OCD. Awkwardly insightful business advice. NFTs amiright? Okay, no business advice. Data deep dives. Some rants. But mostly bullshit.

Contrarian content that will increase your vertical leap by 9 inches.

Okay, hilarious, but what actually is this?

This is a new media directive. Heard of the internet? I didn't think so.

This is bullshit and so can you

Knowledge. Clarity. Bullshit.

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Psychology Onions

It's like if The Onion and Psychology Today had a baby.

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"It’s jarring, and not really in a good way."

Joe - Pensacola, FL

"I can’t think of a worse way to start my week than seeing this newsletter in my inbox."

Joe’s wife - Pensacola, FL

"This newsletter is a sign of societal collapse."

The New York Times - New York, NY

"This man is not my son."

My dad - Unknown, USA

“I can largely be characterized as a real life, human man.”

My advisory team.

Gillian Benson

Head of People

Former U.S. Special Forces. Fluent in six languages. Understands two of them. Firmly believes any workplace conflict can be resolved with acute military action.

Bill Vernon

Sous Chef

Ex-Google, ex-Tesla, ex-Facebook, ex-Enron engineer and ex-husband of Gillian. Has a personality that has been described as "chaos."


Chief Bitch

I am a dog and a sinner in the eyes of God. I must atone for my transgressions. Cerca, oh Dios de ti.

"This is bullshit and so can you is used by U.S. military doctors on the battlefield" - General James Mattis

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"Psychology Onions is a newsletter designed by NASA, for NASA." - NASA

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Sometimes we are so fucking fucked

Sometimes I wonder what is human.

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